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       Centralink gives variety of services, please contact us for your solution :

  • 'Turn Key' Service   :

  • Installation Service  :

From the planning, designing, supplying, pre-testing, installation to maintenance, for both microwave radio and fiber optic networks. We have stocks of radio devices and multiplexers, so the delivery time can be shortened.

We are ready to do a partnership for your project; our resources, technicians and engineers are well trained to ensure that your project will be finished on schedule.


  • Renting Measurement Devices

  • Re-tuning diplexer or branching filter

  • Radio Link Optimization Service



You can reduce your capital expenditure by renting our measurement devices for your projects.
Click the picture to show the list of our measurement devices.

Nowadays there’s a huge traffic in frequency uses, especially in 7GHz band. Often after you done doing pre-testing, you got a problem with interference that force you to change the frequency channel.
We can help you! Branching filters and duplexers can be re-tune using the device in our workshop.

With the rapid growth in cellular communication, so do the number of radio links. Optimize you radio link performance to also optimize your revenue! There’s many factor that can decrease the performance of a radio link, like interference, increase in noise and decrease in margin, shifted antenna, etc. We will do a thorough checking, and gives you our recommended solution.